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Dancing with the Ancestors

By Juniper

The ancestors we contact with may be family members or friends who have passed over, and it is common to honour their memories, especially around October 31st and on dates special to the family.
While other ancestors may not be relations by blood, but cultural ancestors, or those who have walked a similar spiritual path before you, your spiritual ancestors. From these spiritual ancestors we can glean lost or near-lost lore and practices to help us advance and flesh out our spiritual and magickal practice.

These customs flourished among the Celts, who honoured ancestral spirits as well as legendary heroes. In Brittany it is said that the dead seek warmth from the hearth at night, and a feast is spread for them on All Souls’ eve, or crumbs maybe left for them after a family meal. In Ireland, after a death food is traditionally placed out for the spirits. In some parts of France, milk may be poured out on the grave.
Whatever ancestor worship existed in ancient Rome was a family affair, not a public one. The diseased joined the manes, the household gods. They visited the families and received offerings and watched over family events.

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