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Socially Responsible Magic: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

By Taylor Ellwood

There’s a saying that if you really put support something, you put your money where your mouth is. It’s an odd saying, one whose history I don’t know, but I nonetheless appreciate how it pertains to supporting the causes I believe in. I also see putting your money where your mouth is as a form of wealth magic, where wealth can be used to generate wealth for people beyond yourself. At recent Pagan events, I’ve noticed a trend toward donating some of the incoming funds to specific charities, and I think this is a good practice.

In the last few years, as I’ve developed a deeper connection to the world and a deeper sense of responsibility as a result, I’ve thought long and hard about what causes I believe in and how I support those causes. “Putting my money where my mouth is” recognizes that I can manifest my social responsibility with the purposeful support of specific causes embodied in the form of non-profit charities. Supporting such charities with donations provides me a way to make an offering to a cause I believe in. That offering is monetary–a suitable form of sacrifice, I think, because the money we make plays a significant role in our lives. A donation to a charity is a sacrifice, both in terms of the money, and in the effort involved in generating that money. Such a sacrifice acknowledges that the specific cause means something beyond what can be expressed in words. It is easy to say something about a cause, but actively supporting it requires a higher level of commitment and brings with it a different sense of responsibility.

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