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Hidden Agendas in Heathenry

By Heather O’Brien

Heathens generally own their own actions proudly, and they realize that comes with a large dose of accountability and mindful thought about how we spend our energy. Agendas belonging to others do not dictate our values and ethics, nor does formalized doctrine absolve us from having ethics or excuse us when we act with dishonor.

However, heathen groups attempting to take a stand on a controversial issue sometimes take a downward turn. Initially, most people will support such a stand if its pretense is to rid the community of something dishonorable. Then slowly, those initial intentions become blurred and the purpose is lost, due to an underlying hidden agenda. When a group leans heavily into a particular side of politics, and those politics are pushed into the faith, emotions tend to rule the ensuing discussions. Radicalism on every side of the political spectrum exists in all faiths, but embracing radical politics is rarely an effective means of positive community building.

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