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Locavorism as a Pagan Value

By Lupa Greenwolf

[Snip] Paganism has historically been a set of religions tied to the land one way or another. Very generally speaking, pagan religions either had their roots in forager-hunter cultures or agrarian ones (or hybrids of the two), and so the people’s relationship to the land and its denizens informed their spiritual beliefs and practices to varying degrees. While not all modern neopagans may consider their practices to be nature-based, the vast majority of pagan beliefs and practices do have at least a historical connection to the land.

But we’re also not 2nd century French farmers or paleolithic hunters in southeast Asia. Most neopagans hail from a predominantly English-speaking Western country, have internet access and buy food from a supermarket; many of us are city-dwellers, or at least live in towns with municipal services. Our relationship to the land is, in a lot of ways, much the same as that of non-pagans in our cultures. We suffer from the same fundamental disconnection from the rest of nature as everyone else.

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