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Stepping Into Ourselves

An Anthology of Writings on Priestesses

Reviewed by Heather O’Brien

[Snip] The book is an extensive tome of wonderfully unique, deeply personal writing by women who have embraced and individually defined the experience of the divine feminine.

In heathenry, feminine power and aptitude are presented in the context of family, home, the individual self, prose, and the personifications that encompass those areas. This book examines all these aspects of the feminine divine. However, the accounts are written from a spiritual perspective outside of religious particulars and transcending any specific dogma.

In the chapter entitled “My Family’s Lineage of Priestesses”, Carmen Roman describes becoming a priestess through personally caring for her own family’s needs. She relates that she only stepped into that role once she felt the time was appropriate, despite having been given the title earlier than she was prepared for. In her role as a priestess, she focuses on home, family, and daily responsibilities in a way that is sacred. Carmen writes,

I consider myself a priestess for myself, my family and my community. I have been in the role of spiritual guide for my peers and for people of different ages. I perform rituals when needed. In the past few years, I have closed the eyes of people who have died and visited newborn babies in our family, visited family members and neighbors who were in emotional need, and attended special meetings at the family council when conflicts have arisen.

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