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Anthropomancy and Other Slanders against Julian the Apostate

By Mary Harrsch

[Snip] The online “Occultopedia” claims Julian engaged in macabre moonlight rituals in which large numbers of children were sacrificed so he could study the movement in their entrails. Of course no ancient sources are provided for this citation. The article goes on to claim just before Julian’s fatal encounter with the Persians at the Battle of Samarra, Julian secreted himself into the Temple of the Moon at Carra. When called unexpectedly back to battle, he locked the temple behind him. Later, after his death, the temple was reopened and a woman with her liver torn out was found hanging by her hair. Again, no ancient sources were provided.

So where did these charges originate? Well, I found a citation by 19th century agnostic Robert Green Ingresoll that references such reports and attributes them to two of Julian’s enemies (and so-called Fathers of the Church), Gregory and Theodoret. But Ingresoll wisely takes into context the political and theologically-charged environment of the empire at the time and professes his belief in their lack of credibility. . . .

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