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Using the Power: Using Your Mind

By Uncle Thor

The prime mover of all magickal work is your mind. Almost all of the words and charms and items only serve to engage that faculty of mind that sets the power in motion. While some objects may have properties which can affect the Astral, the greatest input comes from Mind.

The Power is always there. Getting it to do what you desire requires effort yon your part. The most common means of doing this is a prayer, charm, spell, treatment, etc. Each of these is a deliberate act intended to evoke the power for your benefit. Despite the claims of some religions that their method is “holy” and others are not, they are all similar in their intent. The technology may differ, but the difference is not really that much.

A working has three phases: to contact the power, control it and direct it to its intended goal. Three words are all you need: Contact, Control, Direct. For instance, if you wanted to work for Healing, you would first address the power according to your beliefs. A Christian might invoke Jesus or one of the saints. A Hermeticist would look to the Element related to the cure he seeks. A Heathen might invoke the Goddess Eir or use the Runic forces of the Bjork and Lagu Runes. Metaphysicians would seek the aspect of Mind that related to the cure, such has Life and Strength. As you see, all are different symbols of the power, yet all work along the same lines.

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