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By Heather O’Brien

“Frith” is a common term heard among heathens, but what does it actually mean? Frith involves owning our responsibility to others: those for whom we are directly responsible, and those in our communities with whom we build our worth.

Heathens frequently say, “We are our deeds.” Frith is a part of that statement, for it requires active and mindful thought about those closest to us. It is reflected in our actions. Frith is part of ensuring the welfare of the real-world associations that we have consciously constructed or joined and that we maintain accountability for.

By committing acts that intentionally disrupt the well-being of a community, a person is essentially acting against frith, and they leave themselves open to being turned out. In this way, frith serves as a cornerstone for continued goodwill, active intent, and dedication to the well-cared for and peacefully maintained community.

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