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Which Element Are You?

Discovering the Five Elements to Find, Make, and Keep Lasting Love

By Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy

Whether you’re currently in a long-term, committed relationship, or just beginning your soul mate search, romantic partners can be confusing. Perhaps you connect fantastically with your new lover in the bedroom…but not so much anywhere else. Perhaps the opposite is true: your relationship feels perfect in every way except when it enters the bedroom.

How can partnerships match up in some ways, but not others? How can we learn to be ourselves—and give our partners the same privilege—without causing friction?

The answers to these questions (and many others) are found in the 3,000 year-old ancient Chinese secret of The Five Elements. It’s all about your energy. Whether you know it or not, your energy is interacting with your lover’s energy, everyday, twenty-four hours a day. Yes, even while you sleep together, your energies are co-mingling! With the power of the Five Elements, discover what you truly want in a relationship, find a lover who matches you energetically, and make your relationship longer-lasting and romantically charged. By learning the Elemental Energy types of you and your partner, you can build a true connection without unrealistic expectations.

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