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What Sort of Training Should a Diviner Have?

By Galina Krasskova

Training in a word should be extensive. Firstly, I would want to make sure that the would-be diviner knows thoroughly how to ground, center, shield, and cleanse, that he or she does these things regularly, and can do them under pressure. When I teach my students, they spend at least a year on these techniques, which I consider absolutely fundamental. It’s also helpful if there’s an understanding of basic conjure. It helps with keeping clean and cleansing an area and sometimes a client.

After that, a diviner needs to have a good, solid, consistent relationship with hir ancestors. This too is fundamental and one of the best protections a diviner can have. Before I sit down to divine, I do extensive prayers, not just to my Gods and holy Powers but to my ancestors first and foremost. There’s a Lithuanian saying that notes “the spirits of the dead are the protection of the living” and this is so, so very true, all the more so because clients are not generally coming to you because they’re having a good time. They’re coming to you in the midst of emotional difficulties, trauma, confusion, or struggles, or spiritual miasma. They can bring shit in with them. One’s ancestors are the first line of defense (and the second, and the third) not only in warding away the crap clients can bring with them, but in helping the diviner maintain good signal clarity. I pray to my blood ancestors, those chosen by spirit, and to the ancestors of my spiritual lineage before the client comes through the door, and often when the client is seated in front of me – always.

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