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The Seven Rules of Fairy Tales

By George McGeorge

[Snip] As a witch, I live in a world of liminality, walking on the blade’s edge between the mundane and the fantastic. This is the world of fairy tales, where magic happens on Earth, not in other realms of gods or spirits, and where humans encounter the fantastic. From these stories I’ve taken 7 rules to act as my own guides down this crooked, storied path. These are probably the first of a larger set, but they deserve speaking. They are my truths, plain and simple.

In further posts I’ll devote more time to describing these rules, as well as the philosophy and work that leads to them. For now, though, please enjoy them in their most basic forms.

1.You receive what you give, good or ill. This, of course, being the Golden Rule of so many religions and philosophies. Fairy tales are rife with maidens, princes, blood-daughters, and first-born sons who flourish or fail due to the truth of reciprocity.

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