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The Value of Spiritual Discernment

By Taylor Ellwood

In Unseen Worlds and Practical Aspects of Spiritual Discernment by Anastacia Nutt, the author makes the point that it is useful to cultivate discernment and the ability to filter out negative energies/entities while inviting in beneficial energies/entities. I agree with her approach and have employed in my daily meditations since I started practicing magic. In a of modern occult works the emphasis on protection focuses on creating a sterile environment from which to work magic, but creating such an environment weakens our ability to work magic, because we are excluding everything, as opposed to only filtering out what isn’t needed.

I’ve always found filtering to be quite useful and in establishing a space from which to work magic or simply doing magic on the fly, I’ve always focused on creating a system of filters that admits the right energy, while taking anything that doesn’t fit and distributing it back into the space outside of the magical working. In this way I’m not so much excluding energy as redistributing it where it is needed, while also bringing exactly what I need.

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