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Embracing Heathenry, by Larisa Hunter

Reviewed by Erin Lale

In the first part of this book, author Larisa Hunter, formerly known as Mist, tells the story of how she converted from her birth religion as a Jehovah’s Witness and embraced heathenry. It’s fascinating and has a conversational tone, and it almost feels like I’m sitting in the same room listening to her. That was great fun for me because I’m a Facebook friend with her and so I was already interested in hearing more about her life and her journey.

Hunter also gives advice about becoming a heathen, interacting with the gods, acquiring a patron god, and joining a kindred. The section about kindred oaths made me re-examine an uncomfortable time from my youth and I came to a greatly relieved new understanding. It’s good to think about things and see them from the perspective of what one knows now, versus what one knew then.

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