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Priesthood – A Modern Pagan View

By John Beckett

[Snip] Priesthood is both a role and a relationship. A priest is a servant of a God or Gods, but not all who serve the Gods are priests. A priest has a clear relationship with a deity or deities, but having a patron deity does not make you a priest. That relationship is generally a formal one with oaths and covenants and sometimes with ordinations or initiations, but I mark the beginning of my priesthood from the time I was called, not from the time I swore oaths.

What are the roles a priest fills?

Priests Serve the Gods

First and foremost, priests are servants of the Gods. Monotheists argue among themselves as to what their God wants from them, while polytheists understand that the service one God or Goddess wants may be quite different from what another wants. There is no generic all-access Pagan priesthood. But there are some common elements.

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