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Paganism in Cebu, Philippines

By Gino

The Philippines is every voyager’s exotic paradise. Found in the southeastern part of Asia, this small archipelago had been grounded in its own version of spirituality from its first people. Since the earliest times, the Philippines have had contacts with the Chinese, Malays and Indians – adding their ideas in the spiritual mix.

Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards (in the Age of Colonialism) in the 16th Century, the Filipinos have had their own unique religious identity. In this work, I will focus on (through an informal ethno-history) the Island of Cebu, known to be one of the earliest places the Spaniards visited and documented. My people, though they had their own system of writing, did not leave any records of their mythology or literature. What we do know is that the old ones only used writing for commerce.

Being a Cebuano myself, it is also my hope to share the customs of my people to the more-than-ready crowd of this site.

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