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Changing Consciousness According to Will

By Sable Aradia

“Magic is the art of changing consciousness according to Will.”– Dion Fortune

As Witches, we tend to learn a lot of valuable skills about changing consciousness in the study of the Craft. But we often have a very nebulous idea of “consciousness” and “Will.” We find it easy enough to embrace the concept of using smudging to focus on a ritual, using the flames of a candle to concentrate on scrying and inducing a vision, or using a guided meditation to direct the group Will. Many of us even understand the differing levels of consciousness (gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta) and what sorts of magickal works can be done at those levels. But most of us don’t consider the broader implications. Can we apply these valuable tools to everyday life?


I am sure that you have come to ritual with the weight of the world still on your shoulders. Maybe traffic was backed up on the freeway. Maybe your boss grilled you at work. Maybe your teenager was just doing something strangle-worthy right before you left the house. Whatever the case may be, you were rattled when you showed up for the Esbat. So your coven did a smudge and a grounding meditation before you entered into ritual space, and you were able to shed that stress and leave it behind you so that you were able to get on with the magickal work.

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