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Where the Occult and Pagan Community Lost the Plot

By Nick Farrell

The occult community is doomed to be hijacked by right-wing nut-jobs and other idiots because it has become paralysed by its own desire to be “spiritual.”

Yesterday I was involved in a spat with a Golden Dawn troll in the Nova Roma group on Facebook. Not the occult Golden Dawn, I mean the Nazi group which has effectively taken over the use of the name in the EU. The troll was flooding he site with bogus historical claims about how the Jews wrecked Greece and how homosexuality in Ancient Greece was a dreadful rumour put about by the Jews where intimated by Greek masculinity. Ignoring him did not help. He kept reposting because he believed he was right.

[Snip] The point was that the Nova Roma group seemed unable to do anything about him. If a troll like that appeared in one of my Facebook groups he would have been banned. Scarlet Magdalene reports that similar trolls are the bane of her existence in Greek religious re-enactment groups but no one is taking them down either.

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