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How Yoga Practice Can Transform Your Relationship To Food

By Melissa Grabau

A good yoga class provides a physical workout with a healthy serving of food for thought. Like a side salad with your meal, worthwhile nourishment is to be had in the crisp insights and tender offerings from the teacher. One such insight that I received during a sweaty weekend morning practice many years ago was the suggestive comment, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” The class laughed, because the way that this particular teacher intoned the phrase brought sex to mind; we all looked around and giggled, wondering what our down dogs might have to say about our comportment in the bedroom. However, my mind soon migrated from the bedroom and landed squarely at the dinner table—which, for better and for worse, is not an uncommon occurrence for me. What might my yoga practice have to teach me about my relationship to food and my body?

•”Get it over with already!”
Somewhere along the way, I noticed that I was getting my yoga practice over with. “”Okay, what do I have to do today? Need to go to the bank, get some shopping done, pick up the dry cleaning. Play date at 1:00. I’ll get my yoga out of the way before lunch.” Enter yoga room, set up mat. Mind projects ahead to lunch, which lay just around the long, seventy-five-minute sweaty corner. Then lunch, that long awaited fuel stop so imbued with intent and need. Shovel food down as if I’m…go figure, getting it over with. How you do one thing is how you do everything… I will spare you the extension of this wisdom to the bedroom, thank you very much.

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