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Caretakers of the Cosmos, by Gary Lachman

Living Responsibly in an Unfinished World

Reviewed by Lynn Picknett

This is a cracking book on a cracking subject by a cracking author. Sadly it has a terrible subtitle – ‘Living Responsibly in an Unfinished World’ – which, in its implicit, almost finger-wagging, worthiness might well put you off so much as opening it. Don’t let it do that. Buy or borrow it. And, most importantly, read it.

Read it especially if infected with the fashionable nihilism of the purposeless universe concept so beloved of 21st-century materialist-reductionists. We’re just random bits of meat motivated solely by firing neurons in a random universe of non-conscious rock, chemical cloud and fire. Worse, humanity, in our blind rape of the Earth, is a scourge with few if any redeeming features. We deserve everything the random universe might randomly throw at us, even if it means complete extinction. And, of course, our individual deaths – after ultimately meaningless lives – spell complete extinction anyway.

Not so, says Lachman. Really, really not so. In fact, not only is there meaning in our individual lives, but it unites all intelligent things both known and unknown throughout the universe – and including the universe itself.

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