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The Reality of Odin

By Heather O’Brien

Do you believe that Odin is a real, living god? This is a question that I’ve encountered numerous times since I began teaching, and though the answer may differ depending on whom you ask, my answer is always the same: Yes!

The next question is usually along the lines of “How do you know that you’re experiencing him versus your own personal thoughts?” Doubt is one of the first aspects of existential thought that we learn. After all, mankind has made great advancements through questioning and evaluating various “truths.” As children, our minds naturally wander, ever in pursuit of the fantastic. Children don’t enter this world jaded; their minds are open to those things that are energetically driven no matter how they are presented (spiritually, physically, etc.). As we age, we tend to put these feelings and pursuits aside, and in the process we often are left with creative limitations, binding us to what we can perceive with our basic physical senses. Having a personal connection with Odin, however, requires an individual to again open the mind and embrace the willingness to allow his ecstatic, roaring nature to flow within us. That is when we begin to “feel” him without touching and sense his presence in our daily lives.

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