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Interpreting Tarot: Developing a Skill Set

By Josephine McCarthy

For people trying to learn the skill of tarot, the key is not just the deck, but also the interpretation. It is a skill that takes time and practice to develop and for some it is easier than others. If you are used to viewing the world or taking in information in a very ‘black or white’ way, then learning tarot is more likely to be a difficult task.

Interpretation uses the same brain skill as observing patterns: just as a child learns to read the nuances of a human face and the emotions expressed upon that face, so a reader has to learn the subtleties of each card and the patterns that they work within. It is not a skill that can be book studied and then applied in all its glory: like all aspects of magic, tarot truly is an art form that takes practice to develop a proper skill.

All interpretation needs boundaries if it is not going to devolve into flights of fancy, and the boundaries that tarot operates in are context, specific questions and time spans.

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