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How to be Worthy…

By Jason Miller

In my last the comments of my last post Christopher Kenworthy pointed out something that I was not aware of: that people on the NAP (New Avatar Power) Forums have found that the Elubatel ritual for success has turned some peoples lives completely upside down, and that Elubatel often gives people a message that they are unworthy.

I haven’t checked out these forums and have no knowledge of the specific instances that other people have been told this, but I have been told this myself by a different angel a few years back. I questioned him further and the issue really was not about any kind of moral worth but was instead a matter of arranging my life to be able to handle the gift I was asking for. This is one reason that I am always stressing the mundane work that must be done alongside of the magical work.

In my case, I was asking for a large increase in wealth but my life was not set up to accommodate its manifestation in any reasonable way: I worked one job with set hours, fixed salary, and no where in the company to get promoted to. There was no other reasonable means for money to come in.

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