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Rights of Pagans and Wiccans in the Workplace

By Patti Wigington

When it comes to job discrimination, as a Pagan or Wiccan you may find yourself face-to-face with an employer who simply doesn’t know anything about your path, as opposed to one who is intentionally discriminating against you. Many Pagans do not wear religious jewelry at work, such as pentgrams or other symbols, because they are concerned it could cost them their jobs. Many more choose not to come out of the broom closet at all because of similar fears.

Before you start panicking about the possibility of discrimination or harassment at work, make sure you educate yourself about what actually constitutes discrimination. There is currently no official legal definition that applies in all states, but the best way to describe it is: if you’re being singled out at work because of your faith by your superiors, or being treated in a way that makes it harder to do your job, this could be construed as discrimination. Note that the word “supervisors” was in there. This means that if a co-worker in the next cubicle, who has the same job status as you, says she thinks Wiccans are just icky, that’s NOT discrimination. If she leaves helpful little “Why Pagans Will Burn In Hell” pamphlets in your lunchbox, that’s harassment — more on that in a minute.

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