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Marketing Pagan Spiritual Services

By Terence P Ward

[Snip] I’m not even going to jump into the debate about whether or not oracles, priests, shamans, spellworkers, dowsers, and whoever else I missed should be charging money or not. It’s already going on, so I’d rather focus on how to apply business practices to these esoteric services. The opinion I have formed is that a lot of Pagan businesses (as opposed to businesses owned by Pagans) could benefit from better marketing.

. . .So why marketing? Because marketing is all about crafting a message and getting it to the right people. Pagans businesses sometimes struggle with that, because the services being offered are typically intangible. Anything that you can’t hold in your hand (and quite a few things that can be held in your hand) can be faked well enough to fool the untrained consumer. An educated consumer, as one retail business once proclaimed in its commercials, is your best customer.

The key to effective marketing is to understand who uses these services. Maybe some skeptics, but are they worth the time? Certainly not people who believe that these services should be free of charge. But what else comes to mind? Do your customers share any common characteristics, like gender, ethnic background, or age range? Where do they live? Are they all Pagan? If not, what other paths are represented? And among the Pagans, do you see more traditional Wiccans, polytraditional solitaries, reconstructionist Heathens? Others who are like your present customers may be just as interested in the same services. A few well-placed online or magazine ads might reach exactly those people, but first you have to know who they are.

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