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A Call from the Old Ones – the Mentoring Tradition in the Craft

By Sable Aradia

I had an adventure in the Craft recently. I invited the local members of my tradition for an impromptu Yule ceremony. Most of the members of my current coven made it, along with two of my Second Degree initiates who had started a couple of covens of their own, and my current Coven Maiden and her brand-new students. We were joined by my initiator Lord Redleaf. I was excited for him to meet my students, who are a bunch of dedicated, interesting people with a commitment to the Craft.

But as I assigned those present who should have known what they were doing to Call the Quarters, I quickly realized that memorization was not something they were dedicated to. The first of my Second Degrees had to be guided through the process because “we haven’t done this in a while.” My Coven Maiden, in her desire to show off for her students in front of her mentors, promptly forgot an admonition I had given the coven at the previous Esbat about paying attention to what the other Quarter-Callers were doing, and she invited the Sylphs in the East when my other Second Degree student had not chosen to call the Gnomes in the North. The student who called South is, to be fair, still learning and not yet a First Degree initiate, but she absolutely could not function without reading the words out of her Book of Shadows. The West caller, one of my other Second Degrees, laughed and joked the whole time she was supposed to be evoking because she couldn’t remember what she was doing either.

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