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Pride is a Root, not a Whip

By Mainer74

There is no denying the fact that we here in the west are growing up in a society that is Christian in its fundamental assumptions, and when newcomers to Heathenry seek to embrace the ways of their ancestors, the assumptions they bring across, unknowing, skew and distort the heathenry they practice.

Christianity is a dualistic system, good and evil, god and the devil, us and them. There are only ever two possibilities, and very much you are either orthodox (same as me) or enemy. This is consistent with their belief system, and the Obedience model in general. This is not a part of pre-syncretic heathenry, any more than misogyny or racism was. The belief and importance of orthodoxy/orthopraxy (ie the One True Faith) carried quietly over into heathenry, and took poisonous and divisive root. With the One True Faith came the one definition of male and female, for if there is only one way to practice heathenry, there is only one way to live heathen, to love as a heathen. These are all worthy discussions for another day, but I wish now to turn to the last, and most publicly damaging mistake of post-Christian heathenry; racism.

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