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Family Ties and Growing Pains

By Jack Maurice Lesage

“We are not only One; we are also everything at Once.”

I think one of the main problems with definitions of Paganism, is that most tend to say what Paganism is not, rather than concentrating on what Paganism is. This may be a reason why so many non-Pagans and even Pagans are under the impression that everything and anything goes.

Pagans should not see themselves as those who have merely excluded themselves from the Judeo-Christian-Islamic group of religions, but as those who have embraced very specific other beliefs. These beliefs include the concept that there is a specific spiritual reality that we can connect into, even harness.

But being Pagan is not about being safe, is not about being the same. Paganism as a whole has no liturgy, no overarching ethics, overarching meaning. Pagans, like all other religious people, come in every ethnic group, every political creed and every possible combination of personality types. And because of this, it is a regular quagmire when it comes to identifying what is Paganism. While some labels are self-explanatory others can cause confusion and contention. Much of this is attributed to misinformation, interpretation of history and, more often than not, personal opinion.

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