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Imhotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos

Reviewed by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

[Snip] Let me begin by stating that I found this book—especially in its initial chapters—an extremely exciting and page-turning read. The initial chapters are paced in such a fashion as to make it as much like reading a mystery novel as much as it attempts to present a novel interpretation of Egyptian archaeological findings. Whether these new interpretations are sound, and if they lead to the conclusions that the title suggests in a convincing fashion is another matter entirely.

In brief, the viewpoint of the authors suggests that the step pyramid complex of Saqqara, which all evidence indicates was designed by the multiply-skilled and later deified Imhotep, as well as several other monuments of ancient Egyptian civilization, have stellar alignments and placements which track a number of important stars or constellations, including Sirius as well as the “Bull’s Thigh” (the Egyptian understanding of what we think of as the Big Dipper). This, in itself, is somewhat uncontroversial.

Bauval and Brophy go on, however, to demonstrate how these alignments are likewise found in a series of far older megalithic monuments at Nabta Playa in the Sahara. As far as their discussions and diagrams of these alignments go, the authors have proven their case, and I find their explanation of the similarities quite convincing.

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