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Witches of Cyberspace, Part 1

By Sable Aradia

There was a time when I would have said that it was impossible to teach the Craft properly over the internet. There simply is no substitute for hands-on experience, and I would have said that it is impossible to get that other than direct and in-person. But that time has passed. Technology has caught up to the need. I think it is possible to teach the Craft effectively online, and this article will suggest ideas for how to make that work, as well as point out some of the advantages and pitfalls.


Until recently, if you wanted to learn from a real-life Witch, you had to go hang around at your local metaphysical store and hope that one (who was being open about it) showed up. They were probably the only one you were likely to find, so you had to learn whatever branch of the Craft you were offered, whether or not it was a good fit for you. You had to do what they were doing, even if you didn’t like them. If you made enemies there, you were not likely to connect with anyone else. These things are not a problem with learning online. There’s such a great variety of Witchcraft and Pagan magickal traditions offered that you can pretty much learn whatever you want from whomever you want to learn from. You can associate with people and teachers that you like, and you can find the tradition that fits.

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