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Devotion: Not Just For Mystics and Clergy

By Galina Krasskova

Engaged devotional practice is not just for clergy or mystics. It’s a way of life that is open to every one. It’s hard though, demanding. My partner said it best when he pointed out recently that it’s not enough to say you’re religious; true piety and religion demands action, consistent, continual action. How are you living your faith? What are you doing for your gods?

One of the things that I’ve noticed both in the recent online argument about offerings and in the Heathen community over the past couple of years is this idea that prayer and devotion are just for “specialists.” It’s nonsense of course, just another excuse to avoid obligations to the Gods, to avoid doing anything, and to deny oneself a deeply connected spiritual practice. But there it is. Over and over again I hear this idea. . .that these things, this way of life are only for clergy or mystics. No, it’s not. Sadly, within polytheism and paganism there are only a select few doing these things, but that is not how it should be. What I’m talking about when i write or teach about developing an engaged devotional practice, making proper offerings, etc, etc is basic. It’s the base line level of competent veneration that anyone can aspire to.

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