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What Are Tarot Reversals?

By Barbara Moore

[Snip] The topic of reversals includes several subtopics, such as do you use them (or ignore them if they show up), how to you make sure they appear in readings, and what exactly does it mean when a card is reversed?

1. Should You Use Reversals?

You need to decide for yourself. Because there are so many different ways to work with the cards, there isn’t a single rule that works for everyone.

There are two things you should do before deciding whether or not to use them. Think about the questions raised in section 3. Once you decide your philosophy, your choice will be much more clear. But even after that, the second thing you should do is try them out. Do some readings with only upright cards. Then do readings that incorporate reversed cards. If reversals enhance your reading quality, then you have your answer. If they are jarring or interrupt your visual interpretation of the cards, then perhaps they aren’t for you (unless that jarring/interrupted experience is interpreted as part of the reading!).

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