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Wicca and the Lotus-Eaters–Reaching the New Generation of Witches

By Sable Aradia

It has been proposed by some that modern witchcraft is declining. But some argue that modern witchcraft has just changed form. The new generation of Witches is no longer looking for coven practice or ritual. They are suspicious of secrecy and anything that smells hierarchical. They want spirituality they can find on the internet between their jobs, their commutes, and their social media.

People may have strong feelings about that one way or the other. I’m not here to argue those points (though I might in a future article). I am here, speaking to what I generally presume to be an older generation of Guides who want to reach the younger generation of Seekers. This is what they want; many prominent writers of the next generation of Witches have said so. You can argue that this is an inappropriate attitude, but you’ll be arguing to an empty room because no one will be listening.

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