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The Importance of Netjeri

By Devo

*Please note that the bulk of this post is entirely UPG and is a theory that I am currently experimenting with. This entire post has a large YMMV disclaimer on it.*

It is my understanding that Netjeri are the little guys of the Duat. While they can be powerful, well-known little guys, they are still under the gods in rank and typically work for the gods in some fashion or another (typically, I’m sure there are exceptions to the rules). And in a modern context, it doesn’t seem that many Netjeri get any notice from Kemetic practitioners, and on the by and large, they are pretty much unknown, or disregarded.

I question if this is a good thing.

When you think about it, the gods have Netjeri in their service. They command netjeri (often written as “demons”) to go do things for them. However, if their netjeri are receiving no sustenance from the Kemetics who know that they exist, or if the gods are forced to share their meager offerings with the netjeri in their service, it seems to me that all parties would be weaker or suffering out of a lack of support through offerings by devotees/practitioners.

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