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Golden Dawn Astral Initiation Rituals Do Not Work Magically

By Nick Farrell

I am famous for being blunt and the headline statement will get a few people upset. I have said over a number of years that I do not believe that astral initiation into the Golden Dawn work, but have not said why.

I would LOVE astral initiation to work. As the head of an order, it would mean that I could set up temples in the US or other far-flung parts of the world at a great rate. If I was charging fees for this, I could make a bomb. It would enable groups to be established without me having to bring people to Rome for training. In short, astral initiation is a tool for empire building rather than creating magicians. If MOAA used astral initiations there would be a huge temptation to empire build.

None of the people I had ever met who said they had been astrally initiated into the Golden Dawn had any experience which indicated that anything useful happened. Those who claimed mystical experiences had none of the signs in their sphere of sensation, nor did their experiences show that an astral initiation had taken place. For example one person said that during their astral initiation, they had seen a pyramid and that was proof they had been initiated into the Golden Dawn. However, a Pyramid is not a symbol in the 0=0 and it is not proprietary to the GD. Others have just said new Age sorts of answers like “I felt a white light” or “I was surrounded by love.” I get that when I eat chocolate, it does not mean that Lynd hazelnut is a self-initiation into the Golden Dawn.

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