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This Is Why Folks Need to Read William James

By Sannion

P. Sufenas Virius Lupus made this thoughtful and intelligent post on polytheism and relativism and so of course he’s getting pounded by the monists, because that’s what they do any time anyone asserts the autonomy and individuality of the gods anywhere.

What I have never yet been able to understand is why.

Let us accept for the moment that such individuals are correct. That would mean that any time I make offerings to Dionysos or you say prayers to Wotan or she over there does some sacred dance for the Durga the fruit of that worship is received by the ultimate source behind these particular divine manifestations, regardless of what name the person chooses or the method of worship they employ. In fact, even if I in my delusion believe in the fundamental separateness of these entities, they are still part of the irreducible one and therefore the only one harmed by such belief would be myself since I am limiting myself to this single form and not embracing the full totality of the divine. Except that if the one is truly irreducible then that means that the one – and everything belonging to the one – is diffused in those forms, therefore I can find everything I need or want from the one in each and every one of the many.

So then, what the fuck is the point of arguing this matter from their perspective?

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