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Bottle Spells and Magick in Hoodoo Tradition

By Taliesin

Bottle magick is a highly versatile and powerful form of spell work. Those who master this art swear by it. This method of spell casting is very practical, and is used to achieve “real-world” results, such as attaining love, getting rid of unwanted situations, or to get that pay raise at your job. It is believed to be an extremely powerful magick; and yet, it is very simple. In this brief article, I will explain several techniques that can be used immediately to effect real changes in your life. Let’s get started.

A bottle spell is, quite simply, a spell in a bottle. The bottle or jar serves as a container for the magickal ingredients placed into it. Items that represent your desire or resonate with it, may including herbs, stones, wish papers, botanical oils, and other curios. Bottle magick is much more than just dumping items into a bottle, however. This has to be done with the proper intent and this has to be “infused” spiritually with your goal. This is seen as “breathing life” into the bottle. This is a very important concept. The bottle is a magickal entity and viewed as a living thing. Dumping ingredients into the bottle is only half the work.

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