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How the Kings Manage Time

By Barbara Moore

In addition to playing important roles in readings, the court cards can help us learn about ourselves, show us how to shine our brightest, and clue us into weaknesses that might, if unchecked, get in the way of our happiness or success.

As a freelance writer juggling many projects, I’m often asked about time management skills. And sure, I can say how I do things, but my way isn’t the only way. It works for me because it highlights my strengths and helps minimize my weaknesses. Some of my Facebook friends suggested that it might be fun (and useful) to explore various time management tactics through the court cards…and I agree.

So let’s imagine how the Kings might manage their time. I picked the Kings because they are usually seen as mature and successful, so they have experience and have proven they can get things done. Most of you know that although you may identify with one suit more than others, we are complex, so you may find it better to blend a few of the Kings’ methods to come up with a plan that works for you. I consider myself as a Swords/Pentacles King-blend.

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