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My Life as an Incan Shaman

Court Stroud interviews Elena Radford

[Snip] Stroud: What is a shaman?

Radford: A shaman is the community wise man… not a religious leader. I see him more as a problem solver, somebody who carries the wisdom of the community.

Stroud: I’ve noticed that there are a lot of self-identified shamans.

Radford: You’re right, there are different concepts of a shaman in different countries and different cultures. To me, an Incan shaman is somebody who is a crossover to different realities.

Stroud: A crossover to… different realities?

Radford: That’s what a shaman does — tune into the energy of the environment: mountains, animals, plants, people in the past, and energies from other worlds. These skills that come through the heart allow a shaman to communicate with these different realities.

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