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The Gods in Druidry

By Joanna van der Hoeven

Who are the gods in Druidry? There is no one answer to this question, as deity, like religion, is such a personal thing in Paganism. There is no single authority telling us who our god is, or what She is saying. There are books, teachers, Orders, Groves etc that can offer paths of a tradition that may lead to a relationship with the gods, but again they won’t tell you exactly who they are – we’re given a map and a compass but we have to find our own way.

There are so many classifications of deity in Druidry. Ancestral gods, those who have been revered by a particular tribe or people for a substantial length of time may still dwell alongside those who have formed a relationship with them in their original environment. Ancestral gods may also travel thousands of miles when people relocate to other parts of the world, bringing their culture and identity with them. These ancestral gods may be heroes out of legend and myth, elevated to godhood. They may be physical manifestations of natural phenomena. They may be real, or they may be archetypes.

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