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Looking into the Future: Paganism in 2063

By Jason Mankey

Predications are like promises from politicians, not worth very much, but I couldn’t resist an opportunity to peer into my crystal ball to see what the future might hold. If I end up being right my name could end up there with that of Nostradamus, if (when) I’m wrong . . . well no one will remember this post in 2063 anyways. I can’t say that I’m excited about all of my predictions and I hope that several of them don’t come to pass, but only time will tell.

People will still use the term “Pagan” but the tribes won’t gather together all that often.

Over the last fifty years it’s become easier and easier to communicate with people of a like mind. At first that connection was rather broad (remember the days of the Green Egg Forum?), but now it’s relatively easy to narrow your focus. Instead of interacting with Wiccans, Druids, and Asatru you can simply interact with only one of those groups if you so choose. Why would a Druid need to visit a “Pagan page” in 2063 when a Druid-only page might contain hundreds of links dealing with that specific tradition?

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