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Confidence Works

By Uncle Thor

The term “faith” has been so misused, overused and abused that its meaning is as nebulous as a fog bank. People use it to mean belief, trust, religious affiliation or religion in general. The religious connotations alone have multiplied to the point that the meaning of the word is diluted. Perhaps a better word might be “confidence.” After all, faith itself is the same thing. Like confidence, the intensity of faith varies from little or no confidence to the greatest. In the end, the only difference might be a nuance of meaning. Even then, the nuance itself is small to nonexistent

Genuine faith, then, is a matter of confidence. We all have confidence in many things. We may have just a little toward the government, but plenty of confidence toward a relative or friend. Some friends evoke more confidence than others. Look at the previous sentences and switch confidence with faith. It all boils down to the same thing.

In over 40 years of spiritual research, I have noticed something about Spirit. Whether you call it Thor, God, Gods, Spirit, Mind or the Great and Wondrous Ogo-Pogo, certain things are evident with stunning consistency. Spirit recognizes confidence. For example, take that which is variously known as Prayer, Invocation, and other names from Treatment to Spellcasting. The prayers that get answered are those that are said with confidence. Spirit responds to the confident request.

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