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A Lost Witch, by Debora Geary

Reviewed by Scott

Debora Geary concludes her A Modern Witch Series with book 7: A Lost Witch. Along with the Witchlight Trilogy that makes ten novels that are setting the stage for the larger work Geary has envisioned. The hook of the Modern Witch series is that new witches are found and brought into the rich communities of Witch Central in Berkeley and Fisher’s Cove in Nova Scotia. The lost witch in this last book of the series is Hannah who starts the story in a mental care facility having spent a dozen years in the residence because seeing new faces causes her to have an overwhelming attack that blacks her out for a day or two. We quickly learn that she has magical precognition abilities that she cannot control and w which over whelms her, and once Witch Central discovers her situation they work to get her out of the institution and try to help her learn to control her abilities. In this novel, Hannah’s powers are a danger to herself and to others, and despite their best intentions and knowledge Witch Central may not be able to help Hannah find her way to lead a normal life.

If you have ever known someone in the community who would probably better off without their psychic abilities, then you will most likely adore this novel. Hannah is no victim, but her abilities do severely limit her life. Her caregivers and her family have tried everything that science has to offer, but only the isolation of a mental institution seems to be only way to manage Hannah’s reaction to encountering new faces. As the story begins, Hannah is resigned to her life, and she has had her hopes for a more normal life crushed several times in the past. Thus, she is bit guarded when the witches burst into her life with their enthusiasm and optimism.

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