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Spirituality, Religion and Change

By Uncle Thor

The idea of spirituality is not finding something greater. It is becoming someone greater. Spirituality is to uplift and enhance. The goal of spirituality is to make you the person you should be. You come to transcend yourself. What you become is greater than the sum total of all that you were.

What is the point of taking up a spiritual path if you do not desire to experience better in your life?

Going from one set of beliefs to another and switching deities is not enough. Many who get no further than switching religions end up doing the same old thing but using different words and names. This phenomena is common to all religions that accept new members. Change is a matter of settings and words, not of personal growth and fulfillment. We can excuse some cases as religions which are inherently similar to one another. By the same criteria, we can also find it with religions that are essentially different. Change of religion is a shell game until and unless it involves a change within the person.

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