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Loki and Chaos

By Elizabeth

This morning I read an entry on the Grumpy Lokean Elder Tumblr which set me to thinking (a rare occurrence, I know!) I’m in agreement with GLE that the whole “god of chaos” thing is often exaggerated when it comes to Himself.

[Snip] As GLE points out, “change” and “chaos” aren’t the same thing. However, if you are the sort of person who likes your life to be predictable, neat, and under your control (and there’s nothing wrong with that), then I can see how having Loki’s influence in it might make you feel as if you’ve descended into chaos. That can be scary, as if you’ve no longer got a say in your own life. Even people who pride themselves on how unconventional they are don’t necessarily like it when they no longer get to pick and choose which conventions to break, instead finding themselves shoved into situations which they didn’t necessarily want. If Loki wasn’t notorious for doing this sort of thing, people wouldn’t fear Him as much.

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