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The Way of the Oracle, by Diana Paxson

Reviewed in Living Traditions

Diana Paxson is a celebrated pagan academic, author and well known as a heathen and pagan. She has written a wide range of fantasy books as well as various titles on paganism and the Northern Tradition. The Way of the Oracle combines an erudite and well informed approach to the art of prophecy with lots of practical advice gained from her personal and group experiences. Divination, so trivialized today with television psychics and phone call prophecies [w]as far more respected (and often feared) in the ancient world. The term Oracle means to foresee and to be inspired by a God and had has far more significance than simply picking up a set of Tarot cards and doing some quick lessons online. Paxson moves on from the many techniques covered in her earlier wor[k] Trance-Portation, offering more comprehensive and demanding practises.

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