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Seeking the Mystery: An Excellent Interfaith Resource

Reviewed by David Dashifen Kees

As I mentioned before, I had the opportunity to work with other religious leaders at a workshop in Connecticut in June. At that workshop, I had the chance and the honor to represent Paganism, as best as any individual can, not only in casual conversations but also in giving a presentation to attendees relating to what our religious community is all about.

[Snip] In the past, when giving these sorts of presentations, I usually let the audience direct things. I’d give a very brief introduction to myself and cover some of the groundwork for Paganism (polytheism, immanence, virtue ethics, etc.) but then fairly quickly open the floor for questions. What this usually means is that I’d get a bunch of questions about magic and spells; usually, the Satan Question would come up, too. But, I would often leave the presentation feeling as if we’d talked a lot but not really about what matters with respect to our community.

Armed with Seeking the Mystery: An Introduction to Pagan Theologies by our own managing editor Christine Hoff Kraemer, that was no longer a problem.

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