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The Roan

By Morgan Daimler

The Seal Folk, called Roan, Roane or Rón in Ireland and Selkies or Silkies in Scotland. Stories of these faeries originate on the coasts of Ireland and Scotland and persist today in these areas, as well as in any coastal areas where seals can be found. As ocean faeries, they are primarily associated with the sea and beaches, and their stories often originate with fisherman and people whose livelihood is tied to the ocean. Roan are creatures of the Between, existing between land and sea, between human and seal form.

Roan can be either male or female, and appear in either seal or human form, as they are true shape-shifters. As seals they are indistinguishable from ordinary seals, although they are more prone to follow boats and aid fisherman. As humans they are usually average height, 5’3″ to 5’10” with the men slightly taller than the women. Their hair is either black or dark brown, their skin is usually tan, and they have dark eyes which are always slightly sad. In human form the only thing that gives away their Otherworldly nature is their eyes which always show their longing for the sea. In order to change shape from seal to human, they open up their seal skin and slip out of it in human form, and to turn to seals they put the skin back on. Their skin is magical in and of itself and is the key to their shape shifting power.

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