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The Daughters of Asklēpiós

By Elani Temperance

[Snip] Asklēpiós may be one of the major Theoi associated with healing, but His daughters do much of the heavy lifting. Hygeia (Ὑγεια) is the Goddess of health, cleanliness, and sanitation, Iasô (Ιασω) the Goddess of recuperation from illness, Akeso (Ἀκεσώ) the Goddess of the healing process, Aiglê (Αιγλη) the Goddess of beauty, splendor, glory, magnificence, and adornment, and Panakeia (Πανακεια) the Goddess of universal remedy.

Chaos ———————– Gaea
| |
Ouranos — | —————– |
| |
Kronos — Rhea Koios — Phoibê
| |
Phlegyantis Zeus ——– Leto
| |
Korônis ——- Apollon
Asklēpiós — Êpionê
Hygeia, Iasô, Akeso, Aiglê, Panakeia

Asklēpiós was born to a human mother and a divine father: Apollon, a great healer Himself. Apollon, however, kills his mother when she commits adultery, and Asklēpiós is brought up by Kheiron, the Kentauros. His mother was Korônis, and she is associated with the mythology surrounding the constellation Corvus: the raven. Apollodorus wrote about this event, and the events that followed:

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