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Within and Without

By Ivo Domínguez, Jr.

[Snip] Let’s start with some more ideas and definitions about meditation.

Open meditation often starts with relaxation, then with a focus on your thoughts and feelings, without judgement. Then with the goal of being without doing and presence without what we normally call thoughts. We become like a transparent ball of awareness that senses as much of the universe as we can hold. One of the most common approaches in open meditation is to follow one’s breath.

Focused meditation starts in a similar way but focuses on an idea, a phrase, a symbol to more deeply understand it. One of the most common approaches in focused meditation is the use of a chant, a mantra, or an image or object that is gazed upon or visualized. This not simply repetition or fixation to zone out or to dissociate, instead it is an attempt to become one with the chosen focus.

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