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Mine Fairies

By Morgan Daimler

This type of faery can be found all over Europe as well as in countries settled by European peoples, such as the United States. Called Coblynau in Wales, Kobolds or Wichtlein in Germany, Knockers in England and Tommy-Knockers in the USA. They are found in any mine being worked by humans and can be either helpful or harmful.

Mine faeries are always seen as male and can appear in size anywhere from two to six feet tall. They are generally described as small wizened men with beards and either blue or red hats. Mine faeries usually dress to mimic the miners who are working near them so their appearance changes slightly with the times, but they are always seen carrying miniature pick axes and other mining tools. They tend to be very secretive and are easily upset if they catch anyone looking at them so it is more common to see than hear this type of faery if you work in a mine.

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